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Sally Maritime is a shipbroker company established in August 2015. We provide chartering desk services and all Maritime related projects and solutions.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of maritime professionals, ready to navigate the seas of success alongside you.

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Farah Agustine
"Farah Agustine, serving as Chartering Desk Supervisor, leads the team in charter contract negotiations, market analysis, and operational coordination. With a strong background in the maritime industry, Farah possesses leadership, negotiation, and analytical skills. An efficient problem solver and effective communicator."
Chartering Desk Supervisor
"Andre, as a Chartering Desk Officer, plays a key role in supporting charter activities. Responsible for assisting in contract negotiations, market research, and operational coordination. With a keen understanding of the maritime industry, Andre contributes to the team's success through attention to detail and effective collaboration."
Chartering Desk Officer

Our Story

Sally Maritime continues to develop sails in order to realize ​the vision of becoming the leading maritime service provider in Indonesia.

Established since August 2015, Sally Maritime has the long experience in the shipping logistics industry. Our team has been in the world of shipping logistics since 2002, and in 2009 started focusing on the chartering desk business with a specialization in Bulk Liquid Cargo. Sally Martime continues to grow in the world of logistics in the country and is able to compete and cooperate with similar companies from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong to the UK. 

Sally Maritime’s strength lies in market confidence which continues to strengthen. Having long experience in the world of shipping makes charterers and ship owners satisfied with the services provided by Sally Maritime. Sally Maritime continues to strengthen its position as a chartering desk company with its operation support.

Our Value

Sally Maritime continues to develop sails in order to realize the vision of becoming the leading maritime service provider in Indonesia.

To realize this vision, Sally is committed to carry out the following mission:

  • Implement world-class service standards in the chartering desk field. 
  • Become the partner who provides solutions for clients based on the principles of openness and trust and professionalism.
  • Creating a prospective market opportunity and potential for ship owners (Shipowners) and ship charters (Charterers). 
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Our Clients

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